Emilie Veillette Marley Smooth Gag Bit
  • Emilie Veillette Marley Smooth Gag Bit

Emilie Veillette Marley Smooth Gag Bit

US$ 79.95

Emilie Veillette Marley Smooth Gag Bit

Brand: Metalab
Series: Emilie Veillette Barrel Racing Collection 
Size: 5-1/8″

• Level Three
• Finish: Stainless Steel brushed
• MP: Sweet Iron smooth shaped mouthpiece
• CP: 6″ with Copper arrow trims


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7” Cheeks • 5 1/2” Mouth • Large Signature Chain & Copper Mouth

The Rolux Chain Competition Bit offers a larger chain link, enhanced by the Signature Copper O-Ring, preferred by most horses. The chain design molds to the shape of any horse’s tongue for comfort, and works off of tongue, lip, bar, and curb pressure to help to lighten and resensitize even the heaviest of horses in any riding discipline. The curb adjustment enhances the feel and control of the chain bit and should be adjusted for the desired response.