Professionals Choice Theramic Combo Wraps
  • Professionals Choice Theramic Combo Wraps
  • Professionals Choice Theramic Combo Wraps

Professional's Choice Theramic Combo Wraps

US$ 174.95

Ceramic infused materials provide infrared therapy by reflecting natural body heat in the form of long wave infrared heat radiation. This type of heat radiation is easily absorbed by the body and is known to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and ease pain. Theramic Combo Wraps are designed for use before and after exercise, and are great for use while trailering. They feature a suspensory strap for added support. Directions for use: begin by using these wraps for no more than 2 hours per day. After a week of using them for 2 hours a day, they can be left on as long as overnight.

Size: M


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