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Reinsman Josey O-Ring Combination
  • Reinsman Josey O-Ring Combination

Reinsman Josey O-Ring Combination

US$ 101.95

The O-ring Combination design features a 3-piece twisted mouth with a dog bone center. This 3-piece helps prevent the “nutcracker effect” across your horse’s jaw. It can package a horse up to keep him collected and quick in turns and correct an elevated nose or a dropped shoulder. Gag action on the bit provides pre-signals to the horse before pressure is applied. This bit is great for the young horse who is being transitioned into speed events, as well as the lightly seasoned horse who is already patterned.



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• The horse that is transitioning into speed events.
• A horse that is already a seasoned, light competitor.
• A refined horse that just needs subtle cues.

• The noseband conforms well and works on the bridge of the nose for rate and added control.
• It can help package a horse up to keep them collected and on their hind quarter through turns.
• It can help correct an elevated nose and dropped shoulder.
• Sweet iron mouth is intended to rust to promote salivation for a more supple mouth.
• Small gag action is to help provide pre-signals to the horse before pressure is applied from a cue.

• Applies pressure to the tongue and bars when pressure is applied to the reins.
• Curb chain tightness allows for the customization of pressure.
• Start loose and increase tightness for additional control or increased signaling.
• This bit falls into our Stage B category; Stage B bits are all about transitioning and are noticed when you start to transition your horse from direct reining to neck reining. With transitioning in mind, and the introduction of leverage, Stage B is made up of short-shanked bits and half gags.

• All leverage bits should be used with a curb chain to function correctly. Without a curb chain, a shanked bit can rotate back toward the rider. Curb chains should stop the shank’s rotation at approximately 45 degrees.
• Cheeks are made of medical-grade stainless steel to prevent rust and guarantee longevity.
• Each bit is closely inspected by a team of expert craftsmen who pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship.
• 3 1/2" Cheek
• 5" Mouth
• Gag Action
• Sweet and sour (copper and sweet iron) mouth for suppleness