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Reinsman 733 Sharon Camarillo 3x3 Lite Lifter Bit
  • Reinsman 733 Sharon Camarillo 3x3 Lite Lifter Bit

Reinsman 733 Sharon Camarillo 3x3 Lite Lifter Bit

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733 Sharon Camarillo 3 x 3 Lite Lifter


6” Cheeks • 5 1/2” Mouth • 3/8” Twisted Sweet Iron • Dog Bone • Snaffle

The slight gag design makes this lifter less intimidating and more acceptable to many horses than a solid lifter. The three-piece mouth offers additional leverage to the corners of the mouth providing a light, responsive feel while offering the rider the ability to reframe and rebalance a horse that has the tendency to lean on the bridle or drop his shoulder in turns or lead transitions.




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7” Cheeks • 5 1/2” Mouth • 3/8” Smooth Sweet Iron • Snaffle

“I call the Smooth Run my ‘happy bit’ because it will make a sensitive or irritable horse relax about his mouth. This bit is a must have for a hard to please horse! This bit will also help to build confidence and aggression in your horse while providing a moderate amount of control. Sweet iron is intended to rust to promote salivation for a more supple feeling mouth”. Molly Powell